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Conducts Visual and bj 알바 Auditory Vehicle Inspections, Road Calls, and Road Tests Apply Now for the detailed job description. Perform a variety of computerized and electronic diagnostic tests using specialized equipment Apply now to see the detailed job description. May perform various duties, such as wrapping damaged packages and weighing mail Apply now to see the detailed job description. Initiate work orders and estimate time and materials Apply now to see the detailed job description.

In smaller buildings, assist the fireman-worker with the ignition of the boilers, and, when they are not available, with boilers ignition and cleaning Apply now to see the detailed job description.

To make sure that all appliances are kept clean, well maintained, and are safe for operation. To be fully aware at work of all cleaning equipment, materials, and approved chemicals used at Mitie. To have full knowledge and understanding of assigned areas for clean-up, including agreed upon job specifications and allocated facility hours. Full training to be provided, including the operation of the cleaning equipment.

Responsible for maintaining clean, organized shop environments, with an emphasis on floor maintenance. Cross-trained to work in several areas in store to support the needs of the business.

Working an entry-level retail position is a great way to get your foot in the door at Publix. Many jobs are available in grocery stores and supermarkets that do not require a high school diploma or GED. Few fields, like law, offer benefits, but many pay specialized hourly rates. Many of these job titles for supermarket workers are closely tailored to match the roles in a job.

In smaller stores, it is common for an individual employee to handle multiple types of supermarket jobs during a given shift. Grocery stores, sometimes called superstores, rely on employees performing many jobs in order to operate smoothly. Supermarkets rely on employees to do cleaning tasks in order to keep the stores clean and organized.

While larger stores may hire full-time janitors, cleaning duties at smaller stores are often performed by other workers, such as cashiers and stockers. Because office buildings are frequently cleaned when not in use, many janitors work night shifts. Commercial cleaning is done between the hours of 7am and midnight, Sunday through Friday. Cleaning is a physical work, and we have found most enjoy a 3-5 hour cleaning for extra income.

Finding an appropriate balance between work and your lifestyle is important, with a cleaning job, you will usually find your shifts involve the afternoon, evening, and weekends. If you are someone who has great attention to detail, a high level of standards, and the drive to get your job done every day to the best of your abilities, a cleaning job could be a perfect fit. If you have experience in maintaining a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, then this job might be the perfect match for you.

If you like driving vehicles supported by a strong team in a safe working environment, this could be a job for you. If you like working in a fast-paced, safe environment, occasionally with community interactions, this role might be right for you. We have Day Laborer, Team Leader, Supervisor, and Management positions available, all of which are Full-Time.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines full-time status as over 35 hours a week in one job, so for record numbers of Americans, it is at least 70 hours. Workers are increasingly taking a second full-time job, clocking in over 70 hours a week just to get by. Retirees are looking for jobs that are flexible and part-time, experts said. The squeeze is forcing workers like Elliott to find second jobs and work more hours in order to afford normal expenses.

Low-wage workers are more likely to be employed by industries that require their presence on-site. Low-wage workers, particularly those working in the hospitality and service industries, are more likely to have to be physically present at their jobs and to have higher gasoline costs.

Ideally, jobs for retirees also should leverage the retirees experience, talents, or resources to make the most money within a short period of time. WAHVE, an acronym that stands for Work At Home Vintage Experts, finds jobs in insurance, accounting, and HR for 50- to 60-year-olds looking for a flexible schedule. The Cleaning Authority is looking for passionate professional housecleaners to fill part-time and full-time positions.

At The Cleaning Authority, we provide professional housecleaning services, backed by over 25 years of excellence. Advance Your Career As A Part-Time Shop Assistant The part-time, early-morning job is currently available and is an excellent opportunity to build on related skills.

Retail assistant roles – Deli, cashier & floor New Franks Supermarket – Keilor Park VIC Apply Now Quickly We are a family owned supermarket, we are currently looking for part or part time, experienced deli assistants and cashier/floor assistants to join our team. Cleaning assistant – Clayton new Bupa Aged Care – Clayton VIC Quick apply To be taken through to our online application process. We accept applications all the time – and stores employ according to their needs.

We are even able to offer our customers a private cleaning service, thanks to our fixed employment rates for our employees. Cleaning their homes, our staffs are available for other tasks as well, should they be required. As a cleaning associate, you will be responsible for performing routine cleaning tasks, working with the entire shop staff in order to keep the highest standards for our customers.

The position of commercial cleaner is also responsible for providing a thorough, safe, effective, and effective clean up. The Commercial Cleaner position also continues to accrue sick and safe hours per the Minneapolis regulations. As a Supervisory Cleaner, you will be required to dust surfaces, vacuum and mop floors, and wipe windows.

Custodial Labourer In an Automotive Technician job, you will do manual labor related to maintaining and cleaning the buildings and grounds at the Postal Facility. This role is primarily concerned with providing service to customers over the counter in a postal facility. Entry-level custodial positions typically begin at minimum wage, moving upwards depending on the type of custodial work or accounts that you will service.